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I have just realised a story of mine has been rejected from 26 publications. I wonder when or if one should accept defeat. It brought to mind something I wrote a while back:
Rejection sounds like ejection, which makes me think of ejaculation: being rejected is a big gooey mess of mixed emotions. We are fragile things we unpublished writers; easily broken.

This is how rejection usually goes for me:

Hurt: deep and personal (me!). Reflection: long and hard (should I give in?). Reality: simple and true (I will never give in).

It is the most terrible thing. I usually find that I can’t write anything for a few days after I have been rejected. It’s a massive punch in the gut, and it takes a while to remember how to breathe.

The opposite of rejection is acceptance, and this acts like armour. The more acceptance you have, the less you are winded, the less you feel the fist of rejection. I wonder if there is a point where you feel invincible, where rejection doesn’t hurt? I doubt it. I should probably say:

We are fragile things we writers; easily broken, [handle with care].

There is hope though. An acceptance of the rejected! A magazine that only publishes a piece of writing if you can prove that it has been rejected elsewhere (Rejection Digest). What a beautiful concept, unless they reject you…*

*Fortunately there is a clause that if you have been rejected five times from different publications then you get automatic publication!

2 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. I read something a while back that advised that you should always have ‘something’ on the go, so that you’re not dwelling on the not-being-accepted-this-time.

    You send something off, you start something new. When the new thing is done, you send that off. If you get negative responses, remember you have more to wait for. Look at your work objectively: why do you think it was rejected? It’s not YOU it’s something to do with the work. If it’s not the work, then it’s the wrong market you’re appealing to.

    Good luck sending more pieces out there!


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