Short Story: A Goat

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This 200 word short story won Spike the Cat’s Flash Fiction competition a few years back – the ebook, Spike’s Hot Flashes, with my story and the other finalists can be bought here for £1.49. My story, A Goat, can be read below:

A Goat

“A goat was involved.”

“A goat?”

“Not one of those big-bastard Billy goats, just a standard goat.”

“A Pigmy goat?”

“No, not that small. Somewhere between a Pigmy and those aggressive

types with horns.”

“So this was a goat-homicide?”

“Sounds strange I know, but we should keep all lines of inquiry open.”


“Have you seen my goat?”

“A goat?”

“My goat! Not one of those big-bastard Billy goats, just a standard goat.”

“A Pigmy goat?”

“Not that small. About this high. Brown, white patches?”

“What were you doing with a goat in Manchester?”

“It’s a long story.”


“Do you want to buy a goat?”

“A goat?”

“Don’t worry it’s not a big-bastard Billy goat, just a standard goat.”

“A Pigmy goat?”

“Come look, she’s in the van. Great for milk; make your own fromage


“But I live in Manchester!”

“House-trained! Nothing to worry about.”


“I’ve trained a goat to sniff out and destroy the target.”

“A goat?”

“We just need to get it to Manchester.”

“A goat?”

“Don’t look so concerned it’s not one of those uncontrollable Billy goats,

just a standard goat.”

“A Pigmy goat?”

“Bigger than a Pigmy, smaller than a Billy. A lethal weapon.”

Author Profile with Salt Publishing

Competition Results

Salt Publishing produce author profiles for each of the short-listed writers of The Scott Prize – this link has a short biography and five or six interview questions. It makes it all a little more exciting, I almost feel like a real writer.

Chris Smith short listed for The Scott Prize

The winners are announced some time in April, so until then I’ll just waste a lot of time thinking about the what if….

Short Story Collection Shortlisted for Scott Prize 2012

Competition Results

The Scott Prize for short story collections has short listed my collection, Between the Toes of the Cloven Hoof. The finalists will be announced in April and could mean publication in UK, USA and Australia! Either way the short listing is extremely exciting.

Chris Smith short listed


Julia Bohanna (England) – Ink Eyes
Carys Bray (England) – Sweet Home
Madeleine D’Arcy (Ireland) – Waiting for the Bullet and Other Stories
Rusty Dolleman (US) – Other People’s Kids
Sarah Faulkner (US) – American Heartbreaker
Maurice Gartshore (Scotland) – Mother Icarus
Otis Heschemeyer (US) – The Fantome of Fatma
Julie Mayhew (England) – End Of
Alison Moore (England) – A Small Window
Rob Roensch (US) – The Wild Flowers of Baltimore
Chris Smith (England) – Between the Toes of the Cloven Hoof

See the announcement here.

Short Film wins Reel13 Contest!

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film by chris smith nick broad and belle crawford

The Busking Project’s recent promo video has won a weekly competition with Reel 13, part of New York’s Channel Thirteen. On Saturday 21st Jan the video will air on television. It’s a great show of support for everything we did in 2011.




My First Pushcart Nomination

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Great news for my story, originally published in Blue Mesa Review:

I just wanted to officially congratulate you on your 2011 BMR Issue 24 Pushcart Prize nomination. Our editorial board voted for your piece.

Suzanne Richardson, 13th Sept 2011

For those of you who don’t know:

The Pushcart Prize – Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976, is the most honored literary project in America. Hundreds of presses and thousands of writers of short stories, poetry and essays have been represented in the pages of our annual collections.

Dark Tales Short Story Competition – Short Listed

Competition Results

Chris Smith Short Listed for This is Oxford RoadShort story, This is Oxford Road, has been shortlisted for the June 2010 Dark Tales short story contests:

June 30th Deadline

1st – Quickening by Anthony Murray
2nd – The End of Science by Raymond Little
3rd – The Affair by Fionna Barr

Also shortlisted:

This is Oxford Road by Chris Smith
Samuel by Stephen McQuiggan

Winner of Spike the Cat’s Flash Fiction Competition

Competition Results

A Goat is a 200 word story which won Spike the Cat’s Flash Fiction Competition (word limit 200 words). A Goat is being published in Spikes Hot Flashes (ebook) along with the runners up.

Collection of Short Stories (Flash Fiction)

Including Chris Smith's winning story, A Goat.

The book can be purchased at Spike-the-Cats website by clicking on the cover to the right.